• The "Long Way Around" Spiral


    The "Long Way Around" Spiral is handmade desktop marble wood toy made from Maple. A great gift idea for your grandchildren or for your boss.

    The "Long Way Around" Wooden Spiral is a handmade desktop toy made from Vermont Maple.  The toy contains 15 Marbles.

    This is a larger version of the Marblelous Spiral.

    Check out the spiral in action


    Turn the Spiral upside down and watch the marble race down the spiral.  Repeat.

    Check out the video of the Spiral in action: https://www.etsy.com/shop/VermontWoodenToy#about


    Height- 17"

    Spiral diameter- 2"

    Non toxic finish

    The end caps on this version are fixed so that the marbles are not removable.

    What People are saying:

    "Captures attention  of young and old!"

    "A great gift for the person who has everything"

    "Meditative and therapeutic"

    "Highly Addictive and great for focusing thoughts or engaging conversation"

    Meditative effect: use 1-2 marbles to recreate a slow focused sound.

    Stimulating effect: Feeling competitive? Use all 10 marbles and experience a natural high