• AMP Pro


    The AMP PRO is a passive wooden amplifier for your IPad Pro. It can be made to fit either the  iPad Pro 12.9-inch or 10.5 inch.  This version of the AMP takes advantage of the IPad Pro's four stereo speakers and turns your IPad Pro into a theater.  The AMP Pro's speakers are slightly tilted from bottom to top for better viewing.  

    Your AMP Pro can be made in either Cherry, Maple, or Mahogany.

    You can charge your IPad while using the The AMP because it has a hole to  accommodate Apple's Lightning Cable.   

    The AMP Pro also has a built-in bypass button so that you can press the Ipad's home button without removing it from the AMP.  

    The dimensions of the AMP Pro 12.9 and 10.5 versions are as follows:

        AMP Pro 12.9 measures roughly 17" Wide X 9.5" Tall x 4" Deep

        AMP Pro 12.9 measures roughly 14.8" Wide X 7" Tall x 4" Deep

    The AMP Pro is designed to be used in landscape mode only.

    Ipad Pro and Apple accessories not included.